Contact Info

Contact Information

Due to limited staffing and the demands of providing emergency services, you may not always reach our administrative staff should you call us. Email is a great way to reach us with specific questions not already answered on this website. Please be as detailed as possible when leaving a message or sending an email so that we can provide an accurate answer to your problem.

In the event of an emergency dial 911, if you have an urgent matter that requires attention ("I see smoke", there is a tree leaning on a power line, etc... and you do not believe it to be an emergency but still need or want it to be checked on, call Boulder County Dispatch at 303-441-4444.

As an example, for smoke reports the Dispatch Center will commonly know if a fire has been reported, if it is a prescribed fire or perhaps smoke blowing in from a remote area. In any case they will dispatch the appropriate resources if there is any question.

We strongly discourage just driving to the Fire Station to report an emergency, we may be on another call, at another station or you interrupt our response to the (or other) emergency. You are strongly encouraged to call 911 and if necessary let them know you are driving to the fire station (although there may not be anyone there).   


Nederland Fire Protection District

POB 155, 650 West 4th Street, Nederland, CO 80466

Electronic mail: 

Telephone  303-258-9161 FAX  303-258-9162