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Nederland Fire/Rescue provides a wide range of emergency services in a diverse and challenging environment. We serve an estimated 56 square miles, including the Town of Nederland, the town site of Eldora, the Eldora Ski Area and a vast expanse of public lands. Our Department is staffed with a combination of volunteer and career staff.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve. We will serve Nederland and it's visitors by providing competent and compassionate Fire, Rescue and EMS services. We will strive to provide information to our customers that will allow them to regain control over the situation that has occurred.


The Fire Department was formed May 12th, 1913 by charter of the Town of Nederland. We know from the 1914 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map that the Department had 27 volunteers (in a Town of 300), a Victor Double 400 gallon chemical engine, 500 feet of new 2 1/2" hose and 400 feet of "2nd class" 2 1/2" hose. Historians state that the Town burned down for the second time in the 1906-1910 era, from a wind driven fire. It is said that most of Town's men were in Boulder at a political function during the fire. While this was likely the impetus for the formation of the Fire Department we are unsure of the facts at that time.

The Department was funded by the Town of Nederland until 1990. As a courtesy the Fire Department responded to many calls that occurred outside of Town Limits. The Fire District was formed in 1990 to better reflect the population that it served. It's funding would now come from property taxes.

Contact Information

Due to limited staffing and the demands of providing emergency services, you may not always reach our administrative staff should you call us. Email is a great way to reach us with specific questions not already answered on this website. Please be as detailed as possible when leaving a message or sending an email so that we can provide an accurate answer to your problem.

Telephone         303-258-9161
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Postal address  POB 155, Nederland, CO 80466
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