Chief Officers

Chief Officers
Chief Officers include the Chief and Division Chief(s). These officers are commonly distinguished on the fireground by their white helmets. They provide oversight on aspects of department administration, emergency response and work closely with Board on long range planning.

Rick Dirr

Fire Chief

Chief Dirr has been the Chief of the Nederland Fire Protection District since late 1999. He was the last volunteer Chief, elected by popular vote, and became the first compensated Fire Chief hired by the District Board of Directors. Dirr joined the department in 1990 and served as a volunteer for 10 years prior to being hired. He refined his craft during his 3 ½ years as a triage paramedic at Longmont United Hospital and 2 years as a firefighter at the former Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Site. Dirr’s interest in management dates to 1995 when he attended the National Fire Academy's Leadership and Administration course offering. Prior to his formal involvement in the fire service, Dirr had an extensive background in rock climbing, caving and whitewater activities. He actively taught or was involved in safety oversight positions related to these activities. His original interest in emergency services was spurred by attendance to a Level I National Cave Rescue Commission training in the mid 1980’s in Carlsbad, NM. He subsequently completed EMT and fire science training in the Chicago suburbs, while working as a computer specialist for Time magazine.  

 Chief Dirr is past Co-Chair of the Boulder County Firefighters Association EMS sub-committee, actively addressing various EMS issues that affect Boulder County.  He currently sits on the Board of Boulder County Regional Fire Training Centers, representing the mountain fire departments fire service training needs. He has been an EMS Instructor/adjunct faculty with LUH/FRCC and is currently chair of the Front Range Community College EMS advisory board. Dirr attended Red Rocks Community College Peace Officer training in 2003, and is an active member on the Boulder County Multi-Agency Fire Investigation Team. He is a graduate of Swedish Hospital’s Paramedic Education Program.

Kate Dirr

EMS Division Chief

Div. Chief Dirr attended Longmont United Hospital’s EMT training program in 1995. She became further involved with Nederland Fire attending the Boulder County Structure Fire Academy in 1997. Dirr further progressed in the department attending various wildland classes where she displayed significant aptitude. D.C. Dirr has functioned as Division Supervisor on several significant wildland fires within Boulder County. During Chief Udo Sille’s tenure she was one of the first female members promoted to the Lieutenant position, and served the District as training officer for nearly three years. While reporting to Chief Sille she was appointed to and continues to serve on the Boulder County Multi-Agency Fire Investigation Team (MAFIT). She earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Metro State University in 1997 and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Regis University in 2001. Following her graduation from nursing schools she began work as an emergency room nurse at a Level I trauma facility in the Denver/Metro area. In 2004 she attended a R.N. to paramedic bridge course, earning her certification and becoming the District’s second paramedic.  Her involvement with Nederland Fire has become somewhat limited due to balancing the needs of the expanding Dirr family, however she continues to contribute to the department with a well balanced knowledge of structure fire, wildland fire and EMS.  D.C. Dirr’s knowledge of pre-hospital and hospital emergency cares is extensive. As a Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum (TNCC) and Emergency Nurse Provider Course (ENPC) instructor she brings great depth to the continuing medical education and medical chart quality improvement process that she provides to the Department.