Administrative Staff

 The Administrator, Fire Mechanic and Bookkeeper are responsible for the day to day runnings of the Department, they report directly to the Chief.


Jim Harrison

Adminstrator –Firefighter/EMT

Administrator Harrison was hired as the District’s administrator in late 2008. He began as a volunteer with the Fire Department in 2002, completing structure fire academy in 2005 and his EMT-B training in 2008. He has a strong background in the computer support field and is a former recording engineer when living in Hollywood, CA. Jim’s attention to detail, compulsion towards organization and technical background serve him well in his current position. When not serving the District, he may be found alongside various bodies of water trying to whisper earless creatures into his frying pan. 


Bill Baumgartner

Fire Mechanic

Mechanic Baumgartner began his volunteer service with Nederland Fire in 1999. Since being hired he annually trains with the Colorado Fire Mechanics Association. Prior to coming to Nederland Fire he has worked in maintenance and as a journeyman machinist at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons plant. He has had significant training in various aspects of emergency response related to his former position. While at Rocky Flats he was shop steward and safety representative for the United Steelworkers of America. Baumgartner has earned associates degrees in: Hazardous Waste Management, Digital Electronics. He has also studied environmental biology at Regis University. Baumgartner enjoys wildlife, the outdoors and cars that drive very fast in a straight line.  


Kathy Caponera


Caponera is the CEO of Balanced Bookkeeping and has kept the Nederland Fire District's financials for over 10 years. She has significant financial experience in large scale institutions, but perfers the more personable side of multiple small clients. She moved to Colorado over 20 years ago to pursue climbing, tele-skiing and her other outdoor interests.