Station 3

Nederland Fire Station 3 also known as the Eldora sub-station, is a volunteer staffed station located at 555 Eldorado Ave.

Engine 5603

This station has a 1989 E-one, class 2 Fire Engine seen in the background, it carries 750 gallons of water, and has a 1,000 gpm pump along with standard structure fire fighting equipment.

Tactical Tender 5643

The water tender at this station carries 1,600 gallons of water, however it is much more than that. This is a custom 6x6 truck that not only carries water but also meets the pump (at least 250 gpm@ 150psi) and hose carrying capacities required by NWCG / State of Colorado for "Tactical Tender 1" status. In short, it has enough water and a powerful enough pump to engage a significant wildland or cabin fire, such as may occur along 4th of July Road.   

5633, a SCAT truck, stands for "Self Contained Attack Truck", a term used to describe a small capacity fire engine. Functionally it is equipped to respond to wildland fires, but in this case it also has self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and ladder for initial cabin fires, where a full size fire engine cannot make it up the driveway. Responders from this station also use this truck for responding to motor vehicle wrecks, emergency medical and other types of calls. It carries 250 gallons and can pump up to 350 gpm.


Is a 1967 Seagraves, and is our parade engine, we purchased it from the City of Boulder under Chief Paul Emmerling. For many years it was our only fire engine and at that time consdered one of first modern pieces of fire equipment that we had., Finally being replaced in 1989 by the E-One Engine pictured above. It now faithfully serves it's parade duties every 4th of July.  



Water Supplies

This station has a buried water tank of 5,000 gallons and there is a 15,000 gallon community cistern at the western end of Eldora. We are able to draft water from the creek at 6th and Bryan Ave and along a few sections of middle Boulder Creek. The nearest fire hydrant is located at Nederland Middle/Senior High School which flows ~ 1,600 gpm.