Career Staff

Career Staff

Three career staff were added in May 2009. All are Paramedic level providers. They work rotating 48/96 hour shifts, resulting in one career staff on duty most of the time. As a volunteeer you wil be assinged to one of our career Captains to mentor and monitor your progress as a volunteer  

Captain Ryan Roberts

Roberts started as a volunteer with Nederland Fire in 1996 and served for 3 years before moving out of state. He served in several different volunteer fire organizations before moving back to the Front Range of Colorado in 2001. He volunteered for Colorado Sierra Fire Protection District and served in every position from Firefighter to Chief. He helped orchestrate the merger of Colorado Sierra Fire with High Country Fire to form the new Timberline Fire Protection District and then served as its’ first Chief before stepping down. Captain Roberts is an EMT-Intermediate, Fire Instructor, and is working on his Wildland Strike Team Leader Taskbook. During 2016 Ryan completed St. Anthony's paramedic program.

Captain Charlie Schmidtmann

Schmidtmann began volunteering with Nederland Fire in 1995 and developed a reputation as a skilled EMS provider as well as a certain ability to atract challenging calls. He took a leave of absence for a period of time. during which he worked as a 911 dispatcher for Boulder County, completed a degree in nursing and worked at Pridemark Paramedics as an EMT-B, returning to Ned Fire as a career Engineer. He completed EMT-Intermediate in 2010 and was promoted to Captain. Charlie has an additional degree in kinesiology, as well as extensive experience in the building trades. Most recently he completed his his EMT-I to Paramedic Bridge course, congratulations Paramedic Schmidtmann.


Lieutenant Rik Henrikson

Henrickson began his fire service working for Longmont Rural Fire Department, he is currently a paramedic and wildland engine Boss. He has worked multiple roles in public safety, as a former Rocky Mountain Rescue member and Sheriff's Deputy he has expereince in many types of emergency response.


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